Webinar: Tooth Brushing for People with Disabilities

The Irish Society for Disability and Oral Health are presenting the second in their free ISDH Winter Webinars series:

Tooth Brushing for People with Disabilities

BrushMyTeeth.ieThis Webinar is delivered by our very own expert on Oral Health Promotion for people with disabilities: Assistant Professor Caoimhin Mac Giolla Phadraig. Kev is based in Trinity College Dublin. He will talk to the ISDH community about how to make tooth brushing easy for this population. This is an amazing opportunity for our community to learn from the best.

After the webinar, it is expected that participants will:
* Understand how to plan and initiate oral health resource development
* Identify the correct oral hygiene advice for their range of patients with disabilities
* Instruct their patients in evidence based oral hygiene techniques
* Direct patients towards online resources to improve brushing